Love and Games

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we're celebrating our fourth anniversary, so we'll keep this brief, but we’d like to share a bit more of the story of how we started working together. After all, our new year's resolution was to talk about ourselves!

We met at the 48-hour 2011 Global Game Jam: John went to make a game, and Ashley went to find a story.

John's team seemed the most interesting, so she decided to follow them. They formed an idea about a boy who makes girls fall in love with him, but then runs away from them when he falls in love with the next girl. Ashley was sitting back, observing, when suddenly they turned to her and asked for her feedback. Next thing she knew, she was right in the center of it all, brainstorming with them ideas for the character design, in-game items and so on. The following day she came back and saw her name was in the credits, making her an official member of the team. After the jam, John added gender selection and same-sex relationships to the game, sparking ongoing conversation and friendship with Ashley.

We officially started dating on Valentine's Day, and soon the two of us started making games together. As other developers might be able to predict, our first project was full of lessons on what not to do, and had to be put on hiatus. Fortunately, we didn't give up! We made Blockage at the 2012 Global Game Jam, and soon after that we made Molydeuxsa at the Molyjam, cementing our passion for developing games together. Inspired by the collaborative nature of game development, and with John's guidance and support, Ashley decided to make it her career.

Aside from Adorkable Games, John has a full-time job at thatgamecompany and Ashley coordinates events for IGDA LA--and we both have industry-related side projects--so we're still finding our work-love balance. Last year we managed to publish Two-Faced, our first commercial game for iOS and Android, after a two-year development process, and realized that we needed to set goals to make steady progress. Committing to #screenshotsaturday has definitely helped us stay focused on making games together. 

Some weeks, however, love takes priority over work.

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