Fantastic Jack

Dash, jump and ride through Jack’s fantastic world!

Hit the road as Jack, a typical teen whose reality blends into fantasy while escaping from schoolyard bullies in Fantastic Jack.

Play as a girl or a boy, on iOS or Android, PC or Mac.

Traverse suburbia and the city as they transform into icy environs, lush jungles and more--whatever strikes Jack’s fanciful fantasy.

Make your getaway in 2015!



Available for Android and iOS!

Two-Faced is a match-three for the smartphone set, with a twist--and slide!

Form groups of three or more as rows of blocks "fall" from above and below. Match Two-Faced blocks for bonus points!

Swipe to slide, tap to clear, keep away from edges, try to keep up!

Four levels of difficulty, three modes of gameplay, colorblind accessibility + more color palettes for purchase.


Tiny Rabbi Saves Hanukkah!

Available for PC and Mac!

Hanukkah wouldn't be Hanukkah without candles, dreidels and gelt. So help Tiny Rabbi make Hanukkah happen! Find the candles, dreidels and gelt that his community has misplaced, then light the candles and play the dreidel game to win gelt (the chocolate kind, of course)! With your help, Tiny Rabbi Saves Hanukkah!



In ancient Greece, brave Perseus beheaded the dreaded Gorgon, Medusa. In 2012, brave Percy the window-washer catches the image of a woman with snakes instead of hair reflected in his washed windows. Molydeuxsa has come for revenge! Wielding his squeegee interchangeably with his adamantine sword passed down through the generations, Percy must find and slay the Gorgon Molydeuxsa, fulfilling his destiny.



Once upon a time in Angoulême, a small city in the south of France, a girl and boy fell in love. But his mother was not pleased. She forbid them from seeing each other. Somehow, they still found a way... Emêluogna is an interactive fairytale about a young girl and boy in the magical city of Angoulême. Inspired by street art in the city perhaps known best for its international comic festival, Emêluogna features digital interpretations of hand-drawn characters posted on brick walls along Rue de Bordeaux on a stylised map of Angoulême.


Shadow of the Spatula

Coming (not as) soon for Android and iOS!

In many games, you squash bugs. In this game, you are the bug! Don't get squashed; avoid the Shadow of the Spatula!



Coming sometime in the future for unspecified platforms (possibly Ouya?)!

Milo(deux) is a puzzle-adventure inspired by the Iron Giant and Isaac Asimov created for Molyjam Deux!